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Shelly Evans is a Human Resources generalist with over 20 years of experience in all areas of HR management.


The unique and most important aspect of Shelly’s approach to recruiting, is that she thinks of it as if she is employed in the company, and she will only submit candidates that she believes, if hired, can become long term employees, and add value to the organization.


Expanding beyond talent and building great cultures has been a big part of Shelly’s career. Her ability to align employees at all levels in an organization, to commit and deliver to the Company’s goals, help to make the company successful.


As an HR expert with a strategic and operational background Shelly is able to provide support to all types of organizations including startups, as well as transitioning companies. As a generalist Shelly’s expertise in benefits, compensation, employee relations and training are value added skills that she can bring to guide clients on their human resource needs.


Most recently Shelly held the position of Director of Talent Management and Human Resources at GMA Accessories - Capelli New York, her then transition to join the team at Linda Nash Merker Consulting has been a natural fit to continue building great teams and organizations.

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